LIA Fellow Membership

The highest level of Membership in the LIA

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The grade of Fellow is the highest level of membership in the LIA. It is awarded to recognize members of the institute who have:

  1. attained unusual professional distinction in the LIA mission areas of laser science and technology, laser applications and/or laser safety, and
  2. provided outstanding service to their field.


The candidate has to satisfy the following criteria:

  1. must have practiced the profession of laser science and engineering in academia, medicine, industry or government for at least 10 years, and
  2. fellow membership for any individual shall not be instituted or remain in effect unless his/her membership is current.
  3. for exceptional candidates, the Executive Committee may waive the eligibility requirements.

Previous Fellow Recipients

  • Dr. Yoshiaki Arata
  • Mr. Peter Baker
  • Mr. Neil Ball
  • Mr. Connie Banas
  • Mr. Ken Barat
  • Prof. Michael Bass
  • Dr. Prem Batra
  • Mr. David Belforte
  • Mr. Burton Bernard
  • Dr. Eckhard Beyer
  • Prof. Milan Brandt
  • Prof. William Bridges
  • Prof. Robert Byer
  • Mr. Stephen Capp
  • Dr. Milton Chang
  • Mr. Sidney Charschan
  • Dr. Hongqiang CHEN
  • Dr. Steven Chu
  • Prof. Friedrich Dausinger
  • Mr. Paul Denney
  • Mr. Jerome Dennis
  • Dr. Larry Dosser
  • Prof. Walter W. Duley
  • Mr. Herbert Dwight
  • Prof. Dave Farson
  • Mr. Terry Feeley
  • Dr. David Flinchbaugh
  • Mr. James Franks
  • Dr. Jack Gabzdyl
  • Dr. Youping Gao
  • Dr. Valentin Gapontsev
  • Mr. Leon Goldman
  • Mr. Bo Gu
  • Dr. Arthur Guenther
  • Mr. Gilbert Haas
  • Prof. Theodor Haensch
  • Mr. Robert Handren
  • Dr. Paul Hilton
  • Dr. James Hobart
  • Dr. Helmut Huegel
  • Dr. Marshall G. Jones
  • Dr. Stefan Kaierle
  • Dr. Aravinda Kar
  • Dr. Ami Kestenbaum
  • Dr. Markus Kogel-Hollacher
  • Prof. Volodymyr Kovalenko
  • Prof. Francis L'Esperance
  • Dr. William Latham
  • Ms. Teddi Laurin
  • Ms. Wendy Laurin
  • Mr. William Lawson
  • Prof. Berthold Leibinger
  • Prof. Lin Li
  • Dr. Xinbing Liu
  • Mr. Steve Llewellyn
  • Dr. Rocco Lobraico
  • Mr. Klaus Loeffler
  • Dr. Yongfeng Lu
  • Prof. Hau-Chung Man
  • Prof. John Marshall
  • Mr. Wesley Marshall
  • Dr. Richard Martukanitz
  • Prof. Akira Matsunawa
  • Prof. Jyoti Mazumder
  • Dr. Edward Metzbower
  • Prof. Isamu Miyamoto
  • Dr. John O'Hagan
  • Dr. William O'Neill
  • Mr. Robert Ossoff
  • Dr. Andreas Ostendorf
  • Prof. Chrysanthos Panayiotou
  • Dr. Henrikki Pantsar
  • Dr. C. Kumar Patel
  • Dr. Rajesh Patel
  • Mr. Ronald Petersen
  • Dr. Silke Pflueger
  • Prof. Reinhart Poprawe
  • Dr. Nathaniel Quick
  • Mr. John Ready
  • Mr. Stan Ream
  • Dr. William Roach
  • Dr. Benjamin Rockwell
  • Dr. Islam A. Salama
  • Mr. Ron Schaeffer
  • Dr. Arthur Schawlow
  • Dr. Karl Schulmeister
  • Dr. William Schwartz
  • Dr. Fred Seeber
  • Mr. Bill Shiner
  • Prof. Anthony Siegman
  • Dr. David Sliney
  • Prof. M. J. Soileau
  • Prof. William M. Steen
  • Dr. Koji Sugioka
  • Dr. Robert Thomas
  • Prof. Charles Townes
  • Prof. John Tyrer
  • Dr. Kunihiko Washio
  • Dr. David Whitehouse
  • Dr. Myron Wolbarsht
  • Prof. Y. Lawrence Yao
  • Prof. Minlin Zhong
  • Mr. Sheldon Zimmerman
  • Prof. M.J. Soileau
  • Dr. Hongqiang Chen