Achievement in Laser Safety Education (ALSE) Award

Recognizing Dedication to Laser Safety


LIA's ALSE award was created to recognize organizations and their laser safety program managers, for devoting significant time and resources in the education of personnel in the area of laser safety.

Being a recipient of LIA's ALSE award signifies that your company demonstrates achievement in the following areas:

  1. A dedicated laser safety program
  2. A trained Laser Safety Officer
  3. An ongoing commitment to laser safety education

Previous ALSE Award Winners:


  • Automotive – Tesla
  • Aerospace – Boeing
  • Defense – U.S. Air Force
  • Healthcare Services – Mount Sinai
  • Medical Devices – ConMed Corporation
  • Life Sciences – FDA
  • R&D – Sandia National Laboratories
  • Academic & Public Sector – Loughborough University
  • Microelectronics – Qualcomm
  • Specialized Manufacturing & Services - FARO