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We welcome your participation in the governance of the Laser Institute of America (LIA). During your term as Board Member you assume certain responsibilities, as outlined below. The basic function of the Board is setting policy, providing oversight and providing strategic direction to the organization. Put the good of the society above your personal preference.

Fiduciary Responsibility
Board Members have a fiduciary responsibility to the organization of basic loyalty, avoidance of conflicts of interest, maintaining of confidentiality of sensitive organizational information and avoidance of individual use of “corporate opportunities.”

Attendance at Board of Directors Meetings
Every Board Member shall attend as many board meetings as po sible (two generally scheduled six months apart) during each year of service to the board. Please note ARTICLE I, Section 6 of the By-Laws, which considers absence from three consecutive meetings to be a resignation. Journal of Laser Applications® - The Journal is our flagship periodical publication and Board Members are urged to support and promote it in every way possible. For instance, publishing or refereeing papers, having your library purchase a subscription or supporting the JLA with corporate advertising are excellent ways to contribute to the advancement of the Journal.

Safety Training
Board Members are requested to use LIA courses and instructors for their safety training needs and, where appropriate, to recommend them to your customers.

Conferences and Workshops
Board Members are encouraged to support LIA conferences and workshops by serving as a chair, serving on a steering committee, attending, exhibiting or sponsoring. It is also helpful if Board Members recommend LIA conferences and workshops to their customers or to individuals within their corporation.

Board Members shall actively recruit individual and corporate members and shall maintain their LIA membership during their term of service.

Board Members should nominate other members as Fellows. Special thought should be given to potential candidates for the Schawlow, Wilkening and Rockwell Awards.


  • Paul Denney, President, Lincoln Electric Company
  • Milan Brandt, President Elect, RMIT University
  • Lin Li, Past President, The University of Manchester
  • Gilbert Haas, Treasurer, Haas Laser Technologies, Inc.
  • Minlin Zhong, Secretary, Tsinghua University

  • Board of Directors

  • Lutz Aschke, TRUMPF Lasertechnik GmbH
  • Neil Ball, Directed Light Inc.
  • Eckhard Beyer, Fraunhofer IWS
  • Robert Braunschweig, LASEA Inc.
  • Stephen Capp, LTC Holdings, Inc.
  • Corey Dunsky, Aeos Consulting, Inc.
  • Clive Grafton-Reed, Rolls-Royce plc
  • Lucian Hand, Altos Photonics, Inc.
  • John Hunter, LPW Technology, Inc.
  • Tracey Johnson, Synrad, Inc.
  • Stefan Kaierle, Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V.
  • Markus Kogel-Hollacher, Precitec Optronik GmbH/Precitec GmbH & Co. KG
  • Klaus Loeffler, TRUMPF Laser- und Systemtechnik GmbH
  • John Lopez, UNIV BORDEAUX / CNRS
  • Yongfeng Lu, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Eric Mottay, Amplitude Systemes
  • Robert Mueller, Lasers-at-Work Consulting Ltd.
  • William O’Neill, University of Cambridge
  • Andreas Ostendorf, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • Henrikki Pantsar, TRUMPF Inc.
  • Rajesh Patel, Spectra Physics
  • Silke Pflueger, DirectPhotonics
  • Reinhart Poprawe, Fraunhofer ILT
  • Nathaniel Quick, AppliCote Associates LLC
  • Michael Schmidt, Bayerisches Laserzentrum GmbH
  • Bill Shiner, IPG Photonics
  • Michelle Stock, mlstock consulting
  • Koji Sugioka, RIKEN
  • Robert Thomas, US Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Kunihiko Washio, Paradigm Laser Research, Ltd.
  • Michael Woods, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

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