George M. Wilkening Award

Recognizing Outstanding Contribution to the Laser Community

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To recognize outstanding contributions to laser bioeffects research and biophysics related to the establishment of human exposure limits, in safety standards development and education, and in applied laser safety and/or the development of engineering control techniques to increase the wider applications of laser technology in industry, medicine and daily life. Examples of fields of contribution include the following:

  1. Laser bioeffects research and furthering the understanding of laser-tissue interaction
  2. Development of human exposure limits for laser radiation
  3. Broadening our understanding of ocular exposure conditions
  4. Studies of visual effects and developing hazard assessment and measurement techniques
  5. Development of applied laser safety standards
  6. Development new engineering control measures and protective equipment
  7. Extensive contributions to laser safety training and education


Nominations are open to candidates who made outstanding contributions to laser bioeffects research, development of human exposure limits and safety standards, and to applied laser safety. The recipient does not have to be a member of LIA, but sustained service to LIA can be one of the additional contributions considered. Nominations are active for three years.

Previous George M. Wilkening Award Winners:

  • 1997 – William T. Ham
  • 1999 – John Marshall
  • 2001 – Sidney Charschan
  • 2001 – Myron Wolbarsht
  • 2003 – Rocco Lobraico*
  • 2005 – David Sliney
  • 2007 – Ronald Petersen
  • 2009 – Joseph Zuclich
  • 2011 – Benjamin Rockwell
  • 2013 – David Lund
  • 2013 – Bruce Stuck
  • 2015 – Jerome Dennis
  • 2017 – Wesley J. Marshall
  • 2019 – Robert J. Thomas