R. James Rockwell, Jr. Educational Achievement Award

Recognizing Contributions in Laser Safety Education

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To recognize outstanding contributions in laser safety education. Examples of fields of contribution include the following:

  1. Significant involvement in conventional training and educational courses
  2. Publications including books, journal articles, pamphlets
  3. Development of significant software
  4. Significant involvement in laser safety–related conferences
  5. Development of on-line training and educational courses
  6. Development of significant education web sites (traditional or non-traditional)


Nominations are open to candidates who make outstanding contributions to laser safety education. Candidates may be individuals, organizations, groups, and institutions of higher education. Candidates do not have to be a member of the LIA, but sustained service to the LIA can be one of the additional contributions that is considered. Nominations are active for two years. Self nomination is not allowed.

Previous R. James Rockwell, Jr. Educational Achievement Award Winners:

  • 2005 – R. James Rockwell, Jr. *
  • 2007 – Darrell Seeley*
  • 2009 – Ken Barat
  • 2011 – Vangie Dennis
  • 2013 – Roy Henderson
  • 2015 – Karl Schulmeister
  • 2017 – John O’Hagan
  • 2019 – Jamie King