William M. Steen Award

Recognizing Significant Developments in Laser Material Processing

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The Laser Institute of America is pleased to invite applications for the prestigious William M. Steen Award, named after one of the early pioneers of Laser Material Processing.

Laser Material Processing is one of the growth points in modern manufacturing. To bring focus to the many developments taking place and to promote the development of new ideas the LIA is making awards for the top three ideas of the year as adjudicated by a prize giving panel.


In order to qualify the innovative development should have experimental proof of concept in the use of lasers or monitoring of laser processes and should fit one of the criteria stated below:

  1. Open a new area of application for lasers.
  2. Be of benefit to manufacturing with lasers.
  3. Solve a problem either particular or general by the use of lasers.
  4. Show some novel sensing system by using optics or when monitoring laser processes.
  5. A development in photo chemistry.
  6. A development in photo-therapies.
  7. A development in 3D printings with lasers.

To get your company’s or laboratory’s idea recognized as one of the leading concepts of the year please submit this application to the LIA.

Previous Steen Award Recipients:

  • 2019 – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • 2019 – Boss Laser
  • 2019 – Electro-Optics Technology, inc.
  • 2019 – Hitachi
  • 2019 – K-Lab
  • 2019 – Lincoln Electric
  • 2019 – Samsung
  • 2020 – University of Vigo
  • 2020 – National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • 2020 – Precitec Opronik GmbH
  • 2021 – Sensigma