• ANSI Z136.1 (2014) - Safe Use of Lasers (Hardcopy Version)

    The ANSI Z136.1 - Hardcopy Version is a parent document and cornerstone of the Z136 series of laser safety standards, the Z136.1 is the foundation of laser safety programs for industrial, military, medical, and educational applications nationwide. This document provides guidance for the safe use of lasers and laser systems by defining control measures for each of seven laser hazard classifications.


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  • ANSI Z136.2 (2012) - Safe Use of Optical Fiber Communication Systems Utilizing Laser Diode and LED Sources (Hardcopy Version)

    The ANSI Z136.2 - Hardcopy Version provides guidance for the safe use, maintenance, service, and installation of optical communications systems utilizing laser diodes or light emitting diodes operating at wavelengths between 0.6 μm and 1 mm. Optical communication systems include end-to-end optical fiber based links, fixed terrestrial point-to-point free-space links, or a combination of both.


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  • ANSI Z136.3 (2018) - Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care (Hardcopy Version)

    The ANSI Z136.3 (2018) - Hardcopy Version is the print copy version of the standard that is nationally recognized as the definitive document on laser safety in all health care environments, providing guidance for the safe use of lasers for diagnostic, cosmetic, preventative and therapeutic applications where bodily structure or function is altered or symptoms are relieved. This standard is applicable to any location where a health care laser system (HCLS) is used as a medical device, including hospital facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, individual medical, dental and veterinarian offices, and non-medical locations, such as salons and spas. It is intended for use by all personnel associated with the installation, operation, calibration, maintenance and service of the HCLS, as well as anyone who might be exposed to laser energy during a health care application procedure. Undeniably a must-have for all medical laser safety officers (MLSOs)! 


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  • ANSI Z136.4 (2010) - Recommended Practice for Laser Safety Measurements (Hardcopy Version)

    The ANSI Z136.4 - Hardcopy Version is the recommended practice providing guidance for optical measurements associated with laser safety requirements. The information contained in this document is intended to assist users who are entrusted with the responsibility of conducting laser hazard evaluations to ensure that appropriate control measures are implemented. It contains clearly written definitions, examples, and other practical information for manufacturers, laser safety officers, technicians, and other trained laser use.


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  • ANSI Z136.6 (2015) - Safe Use of Lasers Outdoors (Hardcopy Version)

    ISBN# 978-1-940168-0-67

    The ANSI Z136.6 - Hardcopy Version is a necessary tool for anyone operating lasers outdoors. This newly revised document provides guidance for the safe use of potentially hazardous lasers and laser systems (180 nm to 1 mm), in an outdoor environment, where the establishment of open beam paths is necessitated. When used in conjunction with the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers, the Z136.6 ensures that your outdoor laser applications are in conformity with the latest safety guidelines.


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  • ANSI Z136.8 - (2012) Safe Use of Lasers in Research, Development, or Testing (Hardcopy Version)

    The ANSI Z136.1 - Hardcopy Version is of one of the latest offerings in a range of vital resources for laser personnel. The Z136.8 standard arose from the increasing reliance on lasers in labs and other research-designated areas.


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  • ANSI Z136.9 - Safe Use of Lasers in Manufacturing Environments (Hardcopy Version)

    ISBN# 978-0-912035-99-4

    The ANSI Z136.9 - Hardcopy Version provides reasonable and adequate guidance for the safe use of lasers and laser systems that operate at wavelengths between 180 nm and 1 mm.


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