Laser Safety Officer with Hazard Analysis Training

Instructor-led Training - Course Overview

Every Laser Safety Officer has the same goal - to keep the workplace safe from hazards associated with lasers. Whether you are an engineer, laser operator or technician working in an industrial, military, education or research setting, this is a huge responsibility that you take very seriously.

At LIA, we take LSO training very seriously, too. In fact, this is our flagship course and it's designed to train LSOs, safety professionals, engineers, laser operators, and technicians on the leading-edge of safety. If you are required to perform laser hazard analysis, training and the administration of a laser safety program, this course is by far the best training solution for you.

In addition to the working knowledge you will gain, you will earn 4.5 BLS CM Points by the Board of Laser Safety, 36 CECs by AAHP, and eligible for ABIH CM Points.

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Upcoming Courses

Denver, CO
08/21/2023 to 08/25/2023
Niagara Falls, NY
09/25/2023 to 09/29/2023
Orlando, FL
11/13/2023 to 11/17/2023

All personnel involved with industrial, military, educational or research applications of lasers. This course is designed for safety professionals, engineers, laser operators, technicians and other professionals assigned the Laser Safety Officer role who are required to perform hazard analysis calculations.

This course takes a mathematical approach to laser safety, designed to teach LSOs administrative duties and hazard analysis calculations that will help them develop, implement and maintain laser safety programs while meeting the training requirements as outlined by the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers standard and OSHA, including:

  • The latest information from the Accredited Standards Committee Z136.
  • Laser hazard analysis, including MPEs, NHZs, OD, etc. Scientific calculator required.
  • Fundamentals and terminology necessary for understanding laser safety.
  • Non-beam issues such as laser-generated airborne contaminants and hazards.
  • Laser control measures and personal protective equipment.
  • Strategies that make a laser safety program successful.
  • A complete overview of MPEs, NHZs and OD.
  • Effects of lasers on the eye and skin.
  • A brief history of laser accidents.

All attendees will receive a course manual including a resource CD with useful LSO documentation forms, ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers, LIA’s Laser Safety Guide, and a certificate of completion.

This course fulfills the Board of Laser Safety training pre-requisite to sit for the Certified Laser Safety Officer Examination. This course is not considered a prep-course and does not provide certification. A certificate of completion is earned upon course completion; however, this should not be confused with becoming a certified laser safety officer (CLSO). To become a CLSO, you must meet specific requirements and pass a certification examination that is intended to promote professional advancement. This certification exam is given by the Board of Laser Safety (BLS).

The CLSO examination is offered by the BLS via remote proctoring and computer-based testing centers through Prov Inc. For the most up-to-date test dates and locations, visit the BLS website. If you are interested in taking this optional CLSO exam, please visit the BLS to review eligibility requirements. All fees associated with the CLSO examination are to be paid directly to the Board of Laser Safety.

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