Non-Medical Onsite Training

Let the world's leading laser safety experts from LIA come to you. With our onsite training solutions, you will save on travel expenses and have more control over the training schedule and content. Plus, you can set a higher safety standard by training your entire staff at one time, providing an enhanced level of consistency and compliance. Below are the in-house laser safety programs currently offered by LIA.

Why consider LIA's in-house training programs?

  • Set a higher safety standard by training your entire staff at one time, providing an enhanced level of consistency and compliance
  • Enhance the training efficacy with customized content to fit your specific needs
  • Avoid disrupting work schedules by selecting a convenient training time - weekend programs available
  • Ensure your staff's complete safety by having your laser system set up, reviewed and inspected by leading experts in the field of laser safety
  • Save money on registration fees and travel expenses

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Who We’ve Trained

In-House Training Offerings

Laser Safety Officer

Uphold a Higher Safety Standard with Formally Trained LSOs.

As you know, LSOs have an important responsibility to implement and maintain a successful laser safety program. The more formal training they receive, the better they can perform this critical function in your organization. LIA's Laser Safety Officer course is designed to teach the administrative duties of the LSO as described in the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers standard. 

With a focus on safety program development and administration, the course covers lasers and optics, applications, laser bioeffects, hazard analysis, non-beam hazards and control measures. With customizable content, the course works well for industrial and research facilities. This course is three days long.

Laser Safety Awareness

Support a Safer Working Environment.

The ANSI Z136.1, for the safe use of lasers standard states, “training shall be provided to each employee routinely working with or potentially exposed to Class 3B or Class 4 laser radiation”. The LIA can bring this laser safety training to your facility. This course will cover specular and diffuse reflections, bioeffects, non-beam hazards, laser system classification and control measures. Train all your laser area personnel at one time so they are on the same page.

Industrial Laser Safety Officer

Produce a Safer Working Environment with Cutting-Edge Training.

Today, lasers are being used in more manufacturing and industrial applications than ever before. These high-powered lasers that are used for cutting, drilling, welding and heat treatment of metals, ceramics, cloth, paper, plastics and other materials present a unique set of beam and non-beam hazards.

During LIA's two-day course taught onsite at your facility, our expert instructor will teach your staff the issues and hazards associated with using high-powered lasers in manufacturing. The course also presents methods of controlling these hazards to help ensure a safer working environment.