• Industrial Laser Safety at a Glance

    Industrial Laser Safety at a Glance provides basic information for those working with lasers in the manufacturing environment, to raise awareness and outline which laser safety steps may be required to mitigate potential laser hazards.


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  • CLSOs' Best Practices in Laser Safety

    The book is a compendium of procedures, policies and practical advice to be used by laser safety professionals. An international team of twenty laser safety experts and Certified Laser Safety Officers from the industrial, medical, and academia fields volunteered their time and effort to create this benchmark reference handbook.


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  • CMLSOs' Best Practices in Medical Laser Safety

    Medical personnel in charge of the safe use of lasers for therapeutic procedures have a valuable new tool to help prevent harm to patients and health-care professionals.  The Laser Institute of America has assembled the expert knowledge of leading certified medical laser safety officers in a new book, CMLSOs' Best Practices in Medical Laser Safety. The book compiles the latest knowledge about establishing a medical laser safety program, including laser safety regulations, how to control and evaluate such programs, and the duties of LSOs.


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  • Laser Safety Guide

    As a result of advances in laser devices and applications, this twelfth edition of The Laser Safety Guide has been completely updated to incorporate the major changes from the revised ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers standard. The Laser Safety Guide is a tool for all laser personnel. It outlines potential hazards for all types of lasers and provides easy to understand guidelines for controlling laser hazards. The guide is easy to read and provides the reader with the essentials needed for a general comprehension of laser safety concepts. Designed to introduce employees and customers to lasers and laser safety, it details each laser classification and the corresponding control measures used to protect laser users. (Soft, 12th Edition, 50 pgs.)


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  • Laser Safety Tools and Training

    This book which includes fundamental laser and laser safety information, as well as critical laser use information, is appropriate for both the novice and the seasoned professional. It also includes factors in optics, the vibration elements of the optical table, the power meter, and user training, elements that are not commonly considered in the context of laser safety. Lastly, it presents ways for users to evaluate the hazards of any laser procedure and ensure that they are following documented laser safety standards. Laser Safety: Tools and Training serves as a fundamental means or road map for laser users seeking to utilize the safest system possible.


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