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The laser is a vital tool for manufacturing, research, and medicine. However, there are potential hazards associated with their use, in particular Class 3B and Class 4 lasers or laser systems. CLSOs' Best Practices in Laser Safety concentrates on how to address Class 3B and Class 4 laser hazards and their safe operation. The book is a compendium of procedures, policies and practical advice to be used by laser safety professionals. An international team of twenty laser safety experts and Certified Laser Safety Officers from the industrial, medical and academia fields volunteered their time and effort to create this benchmark reference handbook.

The different chapters in this handbook cover areas of laser safety practices that are typically needed in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of laser hazards as well as the rules and regulations that exist. In addition, there are laser-related accident case histories with training tools and "lesson learned" sources. As an added feature included with the book, is the CD ROM Initial Training and Refresher Training PowerPoint™ presentation for Laser Safety Officers to use to train their facilities laser users. This book is a must-have for all laser safety professionals, whether new to the task or an experienced CLSO professional. It is the sincere hope of the publisher, Laser Institute of America that the CLSOs' Best Practices in Laser Safety will help to better facilitate the safe use of lasers everywhere. (181 pages)

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