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Application of Keyhole and Heat-Conduction Modes to Laser Dissimilar Metals Welding of Magnesium Alloy and Steel
Mohamed Wahba, Osaka University; Osaka Japan
Yousuke Kawahito, Joining and Welding Research Institute; Ibaraki, Osaka Japan
Seiji Katayama, Joining and Welding Research Institute; Ibaraki, Osaka Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2011

Reduction in vehicles weight has become an urgent need due to environmental and economic concerns. One efficient strategy to answer this need is the use of light weight materials such as magnesium alloys in the manufacturing of vehicles components. But this would necessitate the development of reliable welding techniques to fabricate dissimilar joints with acceptable quality between magnesium alloys and other materials. While lasers have been successfully utilized in welding dissimilar metals, no work has been reported on laser dissimilar welding of magnesium alloys and galvanized steel although the latter is one of the major materials used in the automotive industry. Accordingly, the current study was conducted to investigate the characteristics of such process. Specimens were arranged in lap joint configuration and a laser beam was irradiated on either magnesium alloy or steel in a keyhole or conduction mode respectively. After optimization of the processing parameters, the joint performance was evaluated and the joining mechanism was analyzed. Additional welding experiments were carried out to investigate the role of zinc by welding magnesium alloy to uncoated steel.

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