Product Code: ICAL07_P508

Influence Analysis of Process Parameters over 7010 Aluminum Alloy Laser Machining using Taguchi Technique
Gabriel Arias, Technical University Of Catalonia; Barcelona Spain
Joaquim Ciurana, Girona University; Girona Spain
Xavier Planta, ASCAMM; Cerdanyola de Valles Spain
Javier Diaz, ASCAMM; Cerdanyola De Valles Spain
Presented at ICALEO 2007

Laser material processing is extensively used by numerous industries because the flexibility and cleanliness provided, but still with the advantages, is a complex process due the parameters that participate and interact. To overcome this issue, is essential to clearly understand the influence that exerts the parameters on the characteristics of the product. In this paper the main process parameters that take part in mold making using laser machining are analyzed, such as: laser intensity, scanning speed and pulse frequency; experiments are carried in an Nd:YAG laser system using 7010 aluminum alloy as experimentation material. Taguchi method and ANOVA are used as means of statistical analysis to determine the influence of the process parameters on product characteristics such as: dimensional precision and superficial quality.

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