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Laser Micro-Perforation “On-The-Fly“ As an Essential Step of a Novel Process Combination for Micro-Sieve Production
Frank Vollertsen, BIAS - Bremer Institut fuer angewandte Strahltechnik GmbH; Bremen Germany
Klaus Dickmann, Laser Center University of Applied Sciences Muenster; Steinfurt Germany
Marc Baumeister, Laser Center University of Applied Sciences Muenster; Steinfurt Germany
Presented at ICALEO 2007

A novel two-step technique, capable of performing large bore matrices in thin stainless steel foils is maintaining high processing rates and bore widths <5µm. This process combination is initiated by high-speed single-pulse perforation “on-the-fly” with use of a fibre laser. This laser source combines ample output power with an excellent beam quality. The high drilling rate (5000bores/second) which can be achieved by use of this technique makes it an attractive option for the creation of large bore matrices and widths smaller than 15µm. The second step consists in cold-roll forming of the previously laser micro-perforated foil. This mechanically induced plastic deformation leads to a bore size reduction perpendicular to the rolling direction with a minimum bore width of <5µm. Laser single-pulse perforation “on-the-fly” mainly determines the overall processing rate of the above described process combination, for that reason a novel high-speed laser-machining centre is being developed. At present, a 300Watt fibre laser source with excellent beam quality is integrated together with highly dynamical linear axes featuring a maximum feed rate of 2 m/s and acceleration of >2g. The experimental work is accompanied by FEM analysis of the thermal efficiency with use of a simplified numerical model.

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