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Laser Processing and Synthesis of Ceramic Biomaterials for Osseointegrable Applications
Juan Pou, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Antonio Riveiro, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Félix Quintero, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Fernando Lusquiños, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Rafael Comesaña, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
B. León, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Mohamed Boutinguiza, Univerisdade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
M. Pérez-Amor, Universidade de Vigo; Vigo Spain
Presented at ICALEO 2007

Since 1970 ceramic materials have been used in different applications involving the repair of bone defects or traumatic diseases. Ceramic materials such as bioactive glasses or apatitic calcium phosphates are among the most used in restorative medicine based on the proved fact that they are able to bond to bone. Due to their poor mecjhanical properties, these materials are currently used as coatings to improve fixation and osteointegration of cementless metallic based implant devices.
In this paper a review of different laser techniques used to process these ceramic biomaterials will be presented. A comparison between the laser cladding and the pulsed laser deposition techniques to produce biocompatible calcium phosphate coatings will be given. Moreover a new technique to produce nanofibers of these ceramic materials, the laser spinning technique, will be introduced.

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