Product Code: ICAL07_1005

A Comparison of the Weld Properties Between Laser Welding with and Without Filler Wire of Rolled Mg Sheet for Automobile
Mok-Young Lee, Rist; Pohang South Korea
Sang-Woon Choi, Posco; Seoul South Korea
Woong-Seong Chang, Rist; Pohang South Korea
Presented at ICALEO 2007

In this study, the welding performance of magnesium alloy was investigated for automobile application. The material was rolled magnesium alloy sheet contains 3wt%Al, 1wt%Zn and Mg balance. The effects of filler wire addition was investigated on 2kW Nd:YAG laser welding. For the results, the mechanical properties of welded specimen were similar with base metal in laser welding with and without filler wire. The bridging ability was improved with filler wire without weld properties deterioration on laser welding of magnesium alloy. We sucssesfully manufactured the engine hood with laser welded Mg TWB panel.

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