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The PICALO 2010 Proceedings CD include over 90 papers presented at the 4th Pacific International Conference of Lasers and Optics in Wuhan, China.

PICALO is comprised of two conferences, each packed with the latest developments and progress in lasers and applications.

The Laser Materials Processing Conference

Take your understanding of laser materials processing to a whole new level. Discover the latest developments from across the world in laser cutting/machining, surface modification, welding, additive manufacturing, lasers and systems, modeling and simulation, drilling and forming, and industrial applications.

The CD includes papers on the most significant industry topics including:

* Cutting, Drilling and Machining

* Welding

* Surface Modification

* Additive Manufacturing

* Industrial Applications

* Modeling and Simulation

* Lasers, Systems and Optics

The Micro, Nano and Ultrafast Fabrication Conference

With a focus on the most innovative laser technology, you'll learn the latest about micro/nano/ultrafast fabrication in opto- and microelectronics, electronics, Microsystems, material processing and biomedical industries.

This exciting and ground-breaking conference covered innovative topics including:

* Laser Fabrication of Photonic Devices

* Laser Direct Writing and Nano-Devices

* Laser Micromachining & Simulations

* Laser Micro Structuring

* Ultrafast Laser Processing

* Micromachining & Novel Laser Sources

* Novel Applications of Laser Micro Processing

Who would benefit from the PICALO 2010 Proceedings?

    * Academic and industrial professionals who benefit from staying on the leading edge of laser technology

    * Anyone interested in laser materials processing from the basic understanding of the interaction between a laser beam and a material

    * Practitioners who want the latest insight on how a process can be integrated and optimized for an application

    * End-users, scientists, engineers and technicians

We're bringing you a whole world of laser and optics knowledge on one CD.

Computer Requirements

    * Runs on Windows 2000 (Service Pack 2) or newer, Mac OS X 10.3.4 or newer

    * Adobe Reader 7.0 or later
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