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High Power Laser Materials Processing - New Developments and Trends
Eckhard Beyer, Fraunhofer IWS; Dresden University of Technology; Dresden Germany
Presented at PICALO 2008

In materials processing with high power lasers the diode laser has established itself for processes without need of extreme intensities. The presentation demonstrates actual applications in the field of hardening, brazing and coating with diode lasers. For cutting and 2D-welding processes CO2 lasers are applied, whereas the Nd:YAG laser is the well proven laser for 3D-welding. These statements are affirmed with current examples. Nevertheless, this state-of-the-art will be faced considerable changes in the near future. High power high brightness lasers represent a new generation of lasers for the materials processing, characteristic traits of which are: smaller, cost-effective and processing on-the-fly. Diverse examples show up the variety of application possibilities regarding welding and cutting.
Although the CO2 laser is expected to keep playing an important role in the processing of synthetic materials and ceramics, the laser materials processing will certainly be pushed forward enormously by the development of the high power fiber lasers. Fiber lasers replace even today - numerous conventional, established as well as new laser systems.

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