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The Influence of the Shielding Gas on Process Properties during Laser Welding
Duan Aiqin, Bamtri; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Chen Li, National Key Lab for High Density Beam Processing Technology ; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Hu Lunji, Huazhong University of Science and Technology ; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Presented at PICALO 2008

Many studies have shown that type and flow rate of shielding gas are important to weld depth and weld quality during laser welding. These results are because different shielding gas can modify the coupling of laser radiation into the workpiece. In this paper, high-speed camera and optical emissions monitoring and spectroscopic analysis were used to study the processes of laser welding of 304 stainless with helium and argon as a shielding gas, respectively. The research results show that there are quite different spectra images, the characteristic frequency existing at ultraviolet of around 250nm with helium as a shielding gas, however at visible spectrum with Ar as a shielding gas. It is also found that the ejection behaviors from the keyhole are different with different shielding gas by measurements of spatter images, almost no plume was observed with He as a shielding gas at a certain flow rate. The melt pool geometries are observed to be dissimilar with helium and argon, the length of surface melt pool with helium is shorter than with argon, and the length of back melt pool is longer. All of them can be responsible for the coupling effects of laser radiation into different shielding gas.

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