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Researches on Wear Performance of 40Cr Steel Strengthened by Laser Cladding
Longguang Shen, South China Normal University,Guangzhou,China; Guangzhou Peoples Republic of China
Qingmao Zhang, South China Normal University; Guangzhou Peoples Republic of China
Jianhong Liao, South China Normal University; Guangzhou Peoples Republic of China
Jie Song, South China Normal University ; Guangzhou Peoples Republic of China
Presented at PICALO 2008

In order to increase the wear life of 40Cr steel ,laser cladding techniques were adopted with Fe based alloy powders. By simulating the operating conditions, the laser clad layers were obtained on the 40Cr steel substrate. The tests were carried out by using laser clad layers as upper samples and GCr15 steel as low samples with HT-500 wear tester. And the comparative tribological behaviour of dry and lubricated condition were studied also.The morphologies of wear scars were observed with optical microscopy and Wear depth of laser clad coatings were measured by surface profilometer with the help of CAD software.The wear tester can measure friction coefficient automatically, and friction forcewere computed using the load and friction coefficientby authors. All the samples were cleaned using acetone before and after the tests. The tests show that the friction coefficients all reduce with load increasing and wear time . The friction coefficient of laser cladding layers under dry friction condition are bigger than that of lubricated condition.

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