Product Code: PIC2008_P135

Growth and Dielectric Properties of Ta2O5 Single Crystal Fibers
Yijian Jiang, Institiute of Laser Engineering, Beijing University of Technology; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Ruyan Guo, Pennsylvania State University ; University Park PA USA
A.S. Bhalla, Pennsylvania State University ; University Park PA USA
Presented at PICALO 2008

Single crystal fibers of Ta2O5 have been grown by the Laser Heated Pedestal Growth (LHPG) method up to several cm in length with diameters of 1.1 mm. The as grown crystal, characterized by X-ray diffraction, dielectric measurement and thermal expansion analysis, have Htri-Ta2O5 symmetry. Dielectric permittivity, loss tangent along [001] and [110] direction were investigated over the temperature range from -180C to 100C. Large dielectric anisotropy in Ta2O5 single crystal was observed. At room temperature, the dielectric permittivity (1 MHz) along the [001] is 33.2, while that along the [110] is 231.9. The reason of dielectric enhancement in Ta2O5 crystal grown by LHPG was also discussed.

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