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Research on Multi-purpose Laser Integrated Machine for Auto Clutch
Zhengfeng Yan, Wuhan University of Technology; Huangshi Peoples Republic of China
Dong Yan, Hubei Triring Clutch Co., Ltd.; Huangshi, Hubei Peoples Republic of China
Presented at PICALO 2008

The emphasis of this study lies in the research of multi-purpose laser integrated technology process and equipment and the application on the auto clutch manufacturing. The multi-purpose laser integrated machine is developed on the process parameters optimizing, structure layout and control system, laser movement element and laser exchange element. It can finish laser cutting, laser welding and laser hardening with one laser. Combined the advanced laser machining equipment, the study discusses the application of clutch components manufacturing such as cutting of diaphragm spring and disc plate, welding of disc plate and dual mass flywheel and hardening of diaphragm spring fingers. The test data indicates the equipment can effectively finish multi-purpose laser integrate machining of auto clutch components.

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