Product Code: PIC2008_P113

Experimental Research on Functional Graded Cladding Layer of Titanium Alloy
Fangyou Hu, NAEA ; Qingdao Peoples Republic of China
Presented at PICALO 2008

Titanium alloys are used on aeronautical engine widely. In order to improve the surface properties of titanium alloy part to meet the requirements of fiction and wear properties, a functional graded cladding layer (Ti-FGCL) on Ti600 was successfully carried out by an experimental of laser multi-claddings. Powder mixtures are pre-placed on samples or cladding layer, the main components of Ti, Ni, Al, and Cr3C2 are changed from the bottom layer to top. A 4kw cw CO2 laser is used to clad every layer. SEM and EDAM are used to analyze microstructure and components of Ti-FGCL. A pin-disk wear experiment is used to check the wear property of the cladding layers. Experimental conclusions are as follows: A Ti-FGCL can be reached by laser multi-cladding, and no crack, poles, and obvious diseases in the layer. From bottom to top of the Ti-FGCL the components of Ti, Ni, Al are changed continuously. Dispersed ceramic phase of TiC can be obtained in the surface layer. The wear property of the surface layer of Ti-FGCL is 4 times than substrate materials.

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