Product Code: PIC2008_M904

Laser Device for Elemental Determination in Human Skin
Luis Ponce, CICATA-IPN; altamira, tamps Mexico
Teresa Flores, Cicta-Ipn; Altamira Mexico
Adian Pena, Cicta-Ipn; Altamira Mexico
Miguel Arronte, Cicta-Ipn; Altamira Mexico
Eduardo M. De Posada, Cicta-Ipn; Altamira Mexico
Presented at PICALO 2008

The development of laser device for in-situ elemental determination in human skin is presented. By using Er:YAG laser element, emitting 0.5 J energy pulses at 2,94 nm wavelength, its possible to generate an strong emitting plasma. By reading the plasma emission thorough a compact spectrometer, its possible to determine the presence of elements as Pb. The device also permits to get a blood sample making a perforation of skin without mechanical contact. The new design contents a light wall with interruption by sample activate the laser shoot.

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