Product Code: PIC2008_M505

Micro Welding of Thin Foil with an Elliptical Beam of Direct Diode Lasers (Invited Paper)
Nobuyuki Abe, Osaka University; Ibaraki, Osaka Japan
Yoshinori Funada, Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa; Kanazawa Japan
Presented at PICALO 2008

Diode lasers have a great advantage on energy conversion efficiency compared with other conventional lasers. On the other hand, they have a shortcoming on beam quality, because high power direct diode lasers have an elliptical shape beam with low power density, which is thought to be appried only heat treatment or laser cradding. This report describes that this characteristic of an elliptical beam shape enables good welding feature for thin foil welding. Welding characteristics of butt-
lap- and edge-welding with an elliptical beam of high power direct diode lasers will be discussed with the effect of beam shape on thin foil welding below 100mm. This beam shape will be another advantage of direct diode laser's application to the microelectronics or micromechanical parts manufacturing.

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