Product Code: PIC2008_908

Process Control in Laser Materials Processing - Combined Sensor Technologies for Secure Quality Assurance
Markus Kogel-Hollacher, Precitec Optronik GmbH; Rodgau Germany
Jgen Mler-Borhanian, Precitec Kg; Gaggenau Germany
Christoph Dietz, Precitec Optronik Gmhb; Rodgau Germany
Thomas Nicolay, Precitec Optronik Gmhb; Rodgau Germany
Axel Kattwinkel, Precitec Optronik Gmhb; Rodgau Germany
Martin Halschka, Precitec Vision Gmhb & Co; Neftenbach Germany
Presented at PICALO 2008

The use of photo-diode sensors to in-line monitor a laser welding process is well known and state of the art. In the latter past the first camera based monitoring devices were presented and could demonstrate to be the right attempt to higher reliability with respect to the possibility to classify the possible imperfections. The approach of Precitec is the combination of photo-diode and camera based sensor technologies to gain the maximum information before, during and after the laser treatment. The right combination and evaluation of the collected data to achieve the most reliable information will be the one subject of the paper. Additional emphasis will be taken on the available hard- and software and the possibilities of machine integration.

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