Product Code: PIC2008_606

Gas Jet Effect on the Molten Bath Movements Produced during Deep Penetration Laser Welding
El-Hachemi Amara, Advanced Technologies Development Centre (CDTA); Algiers Algeria
Remy Fabbro, LALP(CNRS)-GIP GERAILP; Arcueil Cedex France
Presented at PICALO 2008

Practically, the melted bath movements induced during deep penetration laser welding can be controlled by external effects that can lead to make the flow more uniform. A technique consisting in directing an inert gas jet towards the keyhole aperture under a given angle and height of the gas delivering nozzle is used, and a laminar flow is observed. Consequently, the formation of porosities can be thus reduced, and the obtained weld seams are smoother and narrower. In our contribution, the effect of a supplied inert gas jet on the liquid movements during deep penetration laser welding is investigated in 3D modeling. The model describes firstly the movements of the liquid region in the presence of the environing air and the vapor generated inside the keyhole and secondly the changes occurring on the liquid flow by directing towards the melted bath,an inert gas jet issued from a nozzle

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