Product Code: PIC2008_602

Dissimilar Metal Welding Titanium and Steel Sheet by Fiber Laser
Jong-Do Kim, Department of Marine System Engineering, Korea Maritime University; Busan South Korea
Seo-Jeong Park, Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology; Pohang, Kyungbuk South Korea
Woong-Seong Chang, Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology; Pohang South Korea
Presented at PICALO 2008

Recently, the development of laser welding with dissimilar metal is demanded in the automobile, aerospace, and sea-water plant industry. Titanium alloy has been increasing to use for important mechanical parts. In this study, the lap and butt joint welding were performed with dissimilar metal sheets such as titanium and steel by CW fiber laser. The characteristics of bead were investigated under various experimental conditions. Especially, the effect of welding speed on the formation of inter-metallic compound was examined to get higher tensile strength of joint.

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