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Laser Welding of Aeronautic Titanium Alloys (Invited Paper)
Shui-li Gong, BAMTRI; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Wang Hong, BAMTRI; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Li Chen, Bamtri; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Wei Yao, Bamtri; Beijing Peoples Republic of China
Presented at PICALO 2008

Titanium alloy is one of the most important materials and finds extensive applications in aerospace industry arising out of advantageous combination of low density, high strength and excellent corrosion. Driven by cost and weight savings, technological progress is moving in the direction of replacing rivets and fasteners with welds. Laser welding with higher energy density can offer remarkable advantages over conventional fusion welding processes, such as minimal component distortion and high productivity, and is specifically suitable for joining aerospace structures. Therefore, it will be significant to investigate the laser welding of titanium alloys for developing the weight efficiency and improving the structure integrity of the military and commercial aerospace.
In this paper, the author and his research group give a brief introduction of laser welding of typical aeronautic titanium alloys.The welding technique was studied. The welded defects and their eliminating technology have investigated. The microstructure and mechanical property of the welded joint have researched. Some researched results such as the behaviour of the welding pool has mentioned.

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