Product Code: PIC2008_1203

Recent Developments of the Laser-Assisted Cold Spray Process and Deposit Characterisation
Matthew Bray, University of Cambridge; Cambridge Great Britain
Andrew Cockburn, University of Cambridge; Cambridge Great Britain
William O'Neill, University of Cambridge; Cambridge Great Britain
Presented at PICALO 2008

Laser-assisted Cold Spray (LCS) is a new coating and fabrication process which combines the supersonic powder beam found in Cold Spray (CS) with laser heating of the deposition zone. LCS retains the advantages of CS; solid-state deposition, high build rate and the ability to deposit onto a range of substrates, while reducing operating costs by removing the need to use gas heating and helium as the process gas. Recent improvements in powder delivery and laser energy coupling to workpiece have been undertaken to improve deposition efficiency (DE) and build rate, while real-time temperature logging allows greater management of deposition conditions and deposit characteristics.

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