Product Code: PIC2008_108

A Novel Technology of the Laser Cleaving on Glass Sheets with Multiple Laser Beams
Y. L. Kuo, National Cheng Kung University; Tainan Taiwan
Jehnming Lin, National Cheng Kung University; Tainan Taiwan
T. C. Chen, Geniray Technology Corporation; Taipei Taiwan
Presented at PICALO 2008

A multiple laser system consisting of CO2 line-shaped and Nd-YAG pulsed lasers was applied to cleave a soda-lime glass substrate in this study. Due to a high absorption of the Nd-YAG laser at a high temperature state of the soda-lime glass preheated by the CO2 line-shaped laser to generate a mixture fracture mode on the glass substrate, the stress distribution on the glass substrate cleaved by the laser beams has been analyzed. An uncoupled thermal-elastic analysis based on the finite element method (FEM) was made. The numerical results show that the stress field of the fracture region is caused by a complex stress state and the cleavages are significantly affected by the pulsed laser. A clean cut of the soda-lime glass substrate can be obtained due to a large shear stress state on the cutting direction with the pulsed laser radiated on the glass substrate.

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