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Tilted Fibre Gratings for Sideways Light Delivery
Graham Marshall, Macquarie University; Sydney Australia
Judith Dawes, Macquarie University; Sydney Australia
Michael Withford, Macquarie University; SYdney Australia
Presented at PICALO 2006

We investigate the properties of tilted fibre gratings written using two techniques namely UV laser with phase mask inscription in hydrogenated fibre and point-by-point femtosecond IR inscription in non-photo-sensitised fibre. The intended application of this work is for laser light delivery from the side of an intravenous optical fibre for cauterising biological tissue in surgical procedures. Consequently, broad bandwidth gratings capable of withstanding temperatures of 100's ºC are required. We have produced phase-mask-inscripted gratings with tilt angles of up to 8o, with an efficient and rapid writing process (exposure times of a few minutes are required). Point-by-point inscripted gratings have also been produced and have the advantage of being highly thermally stable (up to 600ºC) and offer the prospect of suitable bandwidths through careful design of the grating. We will present an investigation of these two grating structures and their reflection and transmission spectra (which characterise their cladding and radiation mode coupling properties and are essential to the design of side-firing fibres).

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