Product Code: PIC06_804

Micro Hardening of Carbon Steels with an Elliptical Beam of Direct Diode Laser
Junji Morimoto, Kinki University; Higashi-Osaka,Osaka Japan
Nobuyuki Abe, Osaka University; Ibaraki, Osaka Japan
Masahiro Tsukamoto, Osaka University; Ibaraki, Osaka Japan
Shigeru Tanaka, Sanyo Metal Works Co., Ltd.; Miki, Hyogo Japan
Shinji Fukuhara, Kinki University; Higashi-Osaka, Osaka Japan
Yutaka Katoh, Kinki University; Higashi-Osaka, Osaka Japan
Presented at PICALO 2006

Transformation hardening of metals has been used to increase the hardness and wear resistance of metal surface. Laser heat sources are most convenient tools for the achievement of controlled rapid heating and cooling required for transformation hardening process. High power diode lasers are one of the most attractive tools for transformation hardening, since they have moderate beam quality, i.e. low power density and elliptical beam shape. The low power density enables micro heating of small are and the elliptical beam shape enables sufficient heating of large area in short time. In this study, the effect of laser beam characteristics such as beam profile, power density and power will be examined on the micro hardening of carbon steels.

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