Product Code: PIC06_703

Laser Near Net Shape Manufacturing for Nickel Alloy Parts with Complex Structure
Henry Peng, GE Global Research Center; Shanghai Peoples Republic of China
Xiaoping Huang, General Electrical; Shanghai Peoples Republic of China
Yanmin Li, GE Global Research Center; Shanghai Peoples Republic of China
Magdi Azer, GE Global Research Center; Niskayuna NY USA
Presented at PICALO 2006

To get near net-shape nickel alloy fabrication for complex turbine blade airfoil, process of laser consolidation is studied in two aspects. One is steady process analysis to establish transfer function between shape variables of weld pool and process parameters. Another one is dynamic process analysis focusing on the behavior at special position on the part where there are varied geometry shapes. Integrated sensors help to identify variation of weld pool, and then summarize some parameter control rules for different geometry features. With the help of transfer functions and control rules, airfoil with complex internal structure are tested in GE laser consolidation system, which includes a 2KW CO2 laser, CNC platform with open architecture, closed-loop contollers and a four-point nozzle. Inspections on tested parts shows good geometry accuracy(0.2mm) and surface quality(Ra 10um) can be acquired by controller with transfer functions and rules embedded.

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