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Walter Niccoli‐Filho
Jose´ Camilo Furlani
Carlos Schwab
Fernando Vagner Raldi
Carlos de Paula Eduardo

To establish safety parameters, we in vitro studied the increase in intrapulpal temperature caused by the use of a cw CO2 laser. A thermistor was implanted in the inner part of the pulpal chamber of 25 human lower third molars to measure the intrapulpal temperature produced by laser powers between 2–10 W and exposure times of 0.5–25.0 s. The Pearson linear correlation factor applied to the measured values showed there is a direct relationship between the independent variable and the applied power. A variance analysis produced the linear regression equation: T = 1.10 + (0.127)E where T is the temperature and E the energy. The results showed that, with a power of 4 W and maximum exposure time of 2.5 s (10 J) and a power density of 12738.85 W cm−2, there will be no damaging reactions affecting the pulpal tissues.

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