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Raymond J. Lanzafame
University of Rochester and Laser Center, Rochester General Hospital, Rochester, NY, U.S.A.

General surgery represents a speciality where, while any procedure can be performed with lasers, there are no procedures for which the laser is the sine quo non. The general surgeon may perform a variety of procedures with a multitude of laser wavelengths and technologies. Laser safety in general surgery requires a multidisciplinary approach. Effective laser safety requires the oversight of the hospital's “laser usage committee” and “laser safety officer” while providing a workable framework for daily laser use in a variety of clinical scenarios simultaneously. This framework must be user‐friendly rather than oppressive. This presentation will describe laser safety at the Rochester General Hospital, a tertiary care, community‐based teaching hospital. The safety program incorporates the following components: input to physician credentialing and training, education and in‐servicing of nursing and technical personnel, equipment purchase and maintenance, quality assurance, and safety monitoring. The University of Rochester general surgery residency training program mandates laser training during the PGY‐2 year. This program stresses the safe use of lasers and provides the basis for graded hands‐on experience during the surgical residency. The greatest challenge for laser safety in general surgery centers on the burgeoning field of minimally invasive surgery. Safety assurance must be balanced so as to maintain a safe operating‐room environment while ensuring patient safety and the ability to permit the surgery to proceed efficiently. Safety measures for laparoscopic procedures must be sensitive to the needs of the surgical team while not providing confusing signals for the “gallery” observers. This task is critical for the safe operation of lasers in general surgery. Effective laser safety in general surgery requires constant vigilance tempered with sensitivity to the needs of the surgeon and the patient as laser technology and its applications continue to evolve.

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