Product Code: JLA_24_4_042006

J. Bonse
J. Kru¨ger
S. Ho¨hm
A. Rosenfeld

The formation of laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) in different materials (metals, semiconductors, and dielectrics) upon irradiation with linearly polarized fs-laser pulses (τ ∼ 30–150 fs, λ ∼ 800 nm) in air environment is studied experimentally and theoretically. In metals, predominantly low-spatial-frequency-LIPSS with periods close to the laser wavelength λ are observed perpendicular to the polarization. Under specific irradiation conditions, high-spatial-frequency-LIPSS with sub-100-nm spatial periods (∼λ/10) can be generated. For semiconductors, the impact of transient changes of the optical properties to the LIPSS periods is analyzed theoretically and experimentally. In dielectrics, the importance of transient excitation stages in the LIPSS formation is demonstrated experimentally using (multiple) double-fs-laser-pulse irradiation sequences. A characteristic decrease of the LIPSS periods is observed for double-pulse delays of less than 2 ps.

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