Product Code: JLA_14_1_31

A. A. Peligrad
E. Zhou
D. Morton
Faculty of Technology, Bolton Institute, Deane Road, Bolton BL3 5AB, United Kingdom

L. Li
Laser Processing Research Centre, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UMIST, Sackville Street, P.O. Box 88, Manchester M60 1QD, United Kingdom

There are many process parameters that influence the results of laser marking of ceramic materials. Some parameters should be kept within certain tolerance limits to ensure the expected quality of the laser processing. Hence a closed loop control system may be desirable during the process for quality control. For this, an accurate multi-input and multioutput dynamic model was developed for laser marking of ceramic materials to gain insight in the process behavior. As a case study, laser marking of clay tiles was applied. The observable signals considered were melt pool temperature and melt pool geometry, measured by using a pyrometer and a fast charge coupled device camera. The input quantities investigated were laser power and traverse speed. The work shows that there was a good agreement (errors less than 1%) between the measured data and the model predicted outputs given by an ARX (3, 3, 0) model for the operating point. © 2002 Laser Institute of America.

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