Product Code: JLA_1_4_45

H. Benoit
J. Clark
W. J. Keon
University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa Civic Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Y 4E9

A multi‐use commercial excimer laser was modified for use in the cardiovascular operating room. The laser was originally designed for research and laboratory applications and required on‐site development to become acceptable for the clinical environment. Particular care was taken to control the associated hazards of toxic gas storage, handling and disposal. Resolution of problems relating to line isolation and leakage currents, design of administrative and engineering controls for laser and associated hazards, safety and operational training of the operating room staff assigned to fibre optic laser surgery cases, and development of practical safety instructions were tasks essential to achieving a safe, efficient and practical operating room environment for a commercial excimer laser. The installation has been successfully used to study the efficacy of excimer laser ablation of coronary artery plaque.

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