Product Code: JLA_1_2_51

C. Murray Penney
GE Corporate Research and Development, Schenectady, New York 12301

Brad Thomas
Johnson Laboratories, 383 Hillen Road, Towson, Maryland 21204

Laser triangulation ranging can provide data rates to at least 10,000 points per second, with resolution on the order of one thousandth of an inch, while observing strongly uncooperative targets through hostile environments. Data rate has been increased to greater than 100,000 points per second for applications requiring high resolution 3‐D maps of extended uncooperative surfaces. One successful approach to these applications is described. Also, several optical and engineering characteristics affecting present performance levels are examined. These characteristics include range resolution, the number of distinct range points that can be measured to high accuracy, dynamic range requirements, light economy, and environmental tolerance.

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