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Laser Protocols
Ken Barat, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab; Berkeley CA USA
Presented at ILSC 2007

The ANSI Z136.1 has several sections were the authority of the laser safety officer to alter or adapt the standard's control measures to their particular laser applications is outlined. Recognizing that ANSI Z136.1 is a horizontal standard and is a user guidance document; and as part of an on going philosophy of information to laser users the laser safety program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has developed a number of laser protocols, or codes of conduct. Each protocol outlines an evaluation of a section of the present ANSI Z136.2000 that are not completely compatible with a research and development use environment. This covers a common error many LSO's make, while having knowledgeable and legitimate reasons to follow the sprit but not the letter of the standards, they do not document the logic of their variations from ANSI Z136.1.either in their laser safety policies, manual or standard operating procedure. Thus placing them in a precarious position as ANSI Z136.1 becomes more and more the guidance for regulatory bodies (i.e. OSHA, DOE). This presentation will review a number of these protocols and their documentation.

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