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3D Finite Element Modeling of Laser-Assisted Maskless Micro-Deposition
Ehsan Toyserkani, University of Waterloo; Waterloo ON Canada
Amir Azhari, University of Waterloo; Waterloo ON Canada
Elahe Jabari, University of Waterloo; Waterloo ON Canada
Presented at ICALEO 2013

The manuscript will address a 3D finite element modeling of a laser-assisted maskless micro-deposition process (aka micro laser sintering/cladding) where it is utilized in the production of micro-tracks composed of silver nano-particles. The model is established through a coupled heat conduction equation with strain/stress constitutive physics in the presence of a moving continuous or pulsed laser. The appropriate number of mesh elements is adopted for micro-scale domains to obtain error-free numerical results. The model investigates temperature variations along with the formation of stress, strain, and subsequently, structural defects like cracks throughout the substrate. The concentration of stress due to the geometry and thermal properties is also studied to predict the critical points of failure in the structure. In the manuscript, the numerical results validated by an experimental study are presented.

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