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Microstructure and Hardness of FeCrNiCoMn High-Entropy Alloy Coating Prepared by Laser Cladding With Pre-Alloyed Gas Atomized Powder
Jianhua Yao, Zhejiang University of Technology; Hangzhou Peoples Republic of China
Ziqing Weng, Zhejiang University of Technology; Hangzhou Peoples Republic of China
Gang Dong, Zhejiang University of Technology; Hangzhou Peoples Republic of China
Lijing Yang, Zhejiang University of Technology; Hangzhou Peoples Republic of China
Presented at ICALEO 2013

High-entropy alloy is the newly developed material which is composed at least five principal elements with concentrations in the range of 5~35 at.%. High-entropy alloy has lots of advantages such as excellent mechanical, magnetic and electrochemical properties. Laser cladding technology is the promising method to synthesize the high entropy alloy, which can expand the application of high-entropy alloy with outstanding properties in field of surface modification. The high-entropy alloy powder was prepared by gas atomization method and then cladded on 45 steel by high density laser to produce the FeCrNiCoMn high-entropy alloy coating with nice surface appearance. The microstructure, phase structure and microhardness of the coating were investigated by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy dispersive spectrum (EDS), X-Ray diffraction (XRD) and microhardness tester. The electrochemical corrosion resistance was explored as well. In order to study the resistance to high temperature softening of the coating, the annealing experiments were performed at 550℃, 700℃, 900℃, and 1000℃ for 2h on the laser cladded layer respectively.
The results show that the coating exhibits simple face center cubic (FCC) and is mainly composed of slender dendrites and interdendrites with average microhardness of 450Hv. In the experiment of electrochemical corrosion testing in 5%NaCl solution, the coating exhibits lower current density, and the corrosion resistance increases five times than that of 316L stainless steel. In addition, the microstructure of the coating grows up slightly when annealed at 550℃, 700℃ and 900℃. While at 1000℃, the microstructure grows up gradually. The phase structure of the coating is consisted of FCC+BCC when annealed at 900℃. While at other annealing temperatures, the phase structure remains unchanged. The highest microhardness of the coating is 565Hv after annealed at 900℃. It’s indicated that the FeCrNiCoMn high-entropy coating after laser cladding exhibits nice temper resistance below 900℃.

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