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Optimization of the Laser Direct Metal Deposition Process in 5-Axis Configuration.
Didier Boisselier, IREPA Laser; Illkirch France
Simon Sankare, Irepa Laser; Illkirch France
Presented at ICALEO 2013

The implementation of the continuous 5-axis configuration can push the limits of the Laser Direct Metal Deposition (LDMD) processes, particularly in terms of complexity of part to build. The inclination of the part growth axis makes it easier to follow the profile of the part. Although continuous 5-axis machining is well known nowadays, LDMD processes require a specific optimization. It depends on many parameters that need the implementation of smooth trajectories in order to ensure the deposit stability, and to make more fluid movements, knowing that the speed variation tool tip affects the stability of deposition, unlike machining.
IREPA LASER has developed specific tools based on their patented coaxial powder cladding nozzle and a 5-axis tool path generator software called PowerCLAD
This article describes the method and results in the optimization of trajectories to build metallic parts with freeform. Optical sensors have been implemented in the focusing unit in order to follow the variations of the laser-powder-substrate interaction and to detect the process instabilities. Thanks to good utilization of a new and large 5 axis machine, the optimization of the CAD software and a specific setting trajectories, it becomes possible to manufacture parts in 5-axis, without sacrificing the construction rate.

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