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Integrated Rapid 3D Mapping and Laser Additive Repair of Gas Turbine Engine Components
Lijue Xue, National Research Council of Canada; London ON Canada
Yangsheng Li, National Research Council Canada; London ON Canada
Jianyin Chen, National Research Council Canada; London ON Canada
Shaodong Wang, National Research Council Canada; London ON Canada
Glen Campbell, National Research Council Canada; London ON Canada
Matt Donovan, United Technologies Aerospace Systems; West Des Moiness IA USA
Presented at ICALEO 2013

National Research Council Canada (NRC) have developed precision laser additive repair of worn gas turbine components. The repair system uses integrated 3D mapping and laser additive deposition. The integrated inspection and repair system is capable of inspecting and repairing a worn gas turbine injector less than one hour. This innovative system dramatically improves repair time and cost of high value gas turbine components. In this paper, a case study will be presented as a joint effort by NRC and UTC Aerospace Systems to evaluate the feasibility of repair of worn fuel injectors from a land based gas turbine engine. The project evaluated the use of laser cladding of cobalt alloy L-605 for repair of worn components on a Rolls Royce 501K engine. Testing results reveals that laser clad L-605 on wrought L-605 substrate demonstrates comparable or even substantially improved fatigue life as compared to the baseline L-605 specimens at elevated temperature. Laser clad L-605 also shows comparable wear resistance. The paper will demonstrate the improved repair of the fuel injectors via laser cladding repair and the metallurgical evaluation of the repair. The paper documents the improvement of the repair from several weeks and fabrication of several replacement components to a matter of only a few hours to inspect and repair using the NRC laser additive manufacturing system.

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