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Preliminary Study of Laser Deep Machining
Emilie Le Guen, I2M, Département TREFLE, Esplanade des Arts Et Metiers, PIMM, Arts et Metiers Paristech, EDF R&D Departement Mri, Site de Chatou; Gradignan France
Laurent Berthe, PIMM, Arts et Metiers ParisTech; Paris France
Leila Guenad, EDF R&D Departement Mri, Site de Chatou; Chatou France
Nicolas Jardin, EDF R&D Departement Mri, Site de Chatou; Chatou France
Presented at ICALEO 2012

Nowadays, laser machining of metals has some
advantages over more traditional processes. For
example, there is greater flexibility of use and no
mechanical contact with the surface. In micromachining,
shorter pulses reduce heat-affected damage
of the material and open new ways for nanometer
accuracy. This study presents a new use of pulsed
lasers. Indeed, a laser usually used for marking (a few
microns deep) has achieved scour over ten millimeter
deep over an area of a few square centimeters. The
objective of this study is to better understand the
potential of the process and by extension to define new
ways to develop the applicability of this method. An
experimental study was carried out using a pulsed laser
with an energy of up to 1 mJ at 1064 nm (pulse
duration from 130 to 180 ns, repetition rate of 50 to
100 kHz). The influence of various operating
parameters of laser processing has been studied. This
paper will discuss preliminary results that concern the
optimization of the machining process through
improving material removal rate.

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