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Analysis of Process Parameters on Melt Pool Stability in Powder Bed Laser Melting
Pascal Aubry, CEA/DEN/DANS/DPC/SEARS/LISL, Arts et Métiers ParisTech; PARIS France
Presented at ICALEO 2012

In this article, we propose to continue our investigation on the analysis of the powder bed laser melting process for the direct manufacturing. First, we describe the powder bed laser melting process. If the process is now industrially used, the fusion of the powder and its influence on the stability of the melt pool is not clearly understood. The objective of the study is to understand how the powder is fused and how a change in process parameters can affect the stability of the melt pool. An instrumentation of the process by high speed camera is proposed on a simple setup. The experiments consider different materials and different powder grain size distribution. The experiment analyzes the stability of the fusion process and, finally, a model of the process is proposed.

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