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LPP-EUV Light Source Development for High Volume Manufacturing Lithography
Hakaru Mizoguchi, Gigaphoton Inc. Oyama Facility; Oyana Japan
Junichi Fujimoto, Gigaphoton Inc. Oyama Facility; Oyama-shi Tochigi Japan
Takashi Saitou, Gigaphoton Inc. Hiratsuka Facility; Oyama-shi Tochigi Japan
Presented at ICALEO 2012

Since 1989, EUV microlithography technology has been developed. In this paper we look back the history outline and report latest development of EUV light source. We have been developing CO2-Sn-LPP EUV light source which is the most promising solution as the 13.5nm high power light source for HVM EUVL. Unique original technologies such as; combination of pulsed CO2 laser and Sn, double laser pulse shooting and mitigation with magnetic field are reported. The theoretical and experimental data have clearly demonstrated the advantage of our system. We reported engineering data from our test tools such as 20W average clean power, CE=2.5%, 7 hours operation, the maximum 3.3% CE with 20 ï­m droplet and 93% Sn ionization rate and 98.5% Sn debris mitigation by magnetic field. Based on these data we are developing first practical source for HVM; "GL200Eâ. The latest data and the overview of EUV light source for the HVM EUVL are also reported.

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