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Novel Fusion Welding Technology of Si/Glass Using Ultrashort Laser Pulses with High Pulse Repetition Rates
Isamu Miyamoto, Osaka Univ., Erlangen Graduate School of Advanced Optical Technologies (SAOT); Suita Japan
Yashuhiro Okamoto, Okayama Univ.; Okayama Japan
Assi Hansen, Tampere Univ. of Technology; Tampere Finland
Tiina Amberla, Corelase Ltd.; Tampere Finland
Jorma Vihinen, Tampere Univ. of Technology; Tampere
Jarno Kangastupa, Corelase Ltd.; Tampere Finland
Presented at ICALEO 2012

Using ps laser pulses with high pulse repetition rates,
novel fusion welding technique of Si/glass material
combination has been developed, which can overcome
the most problems encountered in existing anodic
bonding, providing excellent joint strength and
throughput. Our technique allows welding of Si/glass
without pre- and post-heating at high spatial resolution
down to 10μm and maximum joint strength of 80MPa.
Analysis of laser-matter interaction also shows ps laser
pulses provide much better welding performances of
Si/glass than ns laser pulses. No defects are found in
cutting by standard blade dicer and accelerated life test
(500 cycles: -40°C~85°C) of the laser-welded joint,
demonstrating the ps laser welding technique provides
excellent performance for applications to wafer-level
packaging and hermetic sealing.

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