Product Code: ICA12_1503

Laser-GMA Hybrid Welding of Direct Quenched Steel in Lap Joint Configuration - A Preliminary Study
Miikka Karhu, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland; Lappeenranta Finland
Veli Kujanpaa, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland; Lappeenranta Finland
Kalervo Leino, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland; -
Jukka Siltanen, Rautaruukki Oyj, Corporate Functions; HaMeenlinna Finland
Presented at ICALEO 2012

Welding experiments using laser-GMA hybrid welding of lap joint between 6.5 mm thick direct quenched Ramor 500 grade protection steel and 2 mm thick Optim 500 ML construction steel plates was carried out. The filler materials used were Union X96 and AISI 316LSi wire. Direct quenched Ramor 500 grade steel can be used e.g. as an armour plating applications because it possess excellent ballistic properties combined with high strength and hardness. However, joining of above material by welding can be challenging because of local softening at heat affected zone regions. The aim was to evaluate feasibility of hybrid welding process in joining point of view and to evaluate base and filler material weldability concerning e.g. hardness distribution across the weld cross-section. Also dilution assessments were made using EDS measurements in order to reveal how base and filler material is distributed across the weld cross-section.

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